Product Development

Product Design & Development Services

We work with you to define the scope of the projects and your objectives. We begin with research, analysis and planning.

User Friendliness

Unboxing is an important part of the customer experience and we guarantee ease-of-use for all of our packaging. The product and related accessories/documents are thoughtfully positioned in a logical sequence to help customers intuitively understand how to install and use the product.

New Concepts

Customers can always expect our packaging to be as exciting as the product inside. Our design team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to help our customer’s products remain perfect from boxing to the point-of-sale and beyond.

Cost Effectiveness

By changing the conventional EPS foam cushion to custom engineered molded fiber end cap, the loading quantity of laptops can be increased from 102 units to 160 units and the shipping volume can be reduced by 8.2% thanks to the compact design.

Less is More

We designed an all-in-one molded fiber cushion to replace the previous folded cardboard tray. Molded fiber is 100% recyclable and it is formed to shape which can reduce the labor cost in the assembling process.