EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) and EPE (Expandable Polyethylene)

Many manufactures of hard disk and LCD chose EPP and EPE as the raw materials for packaging. In addition to their excellent elasticity, multiple shock absorption and good heat resistance, its low thermal conductivity and good melting resistance are also attractive. The products can receive a good protection during transportation. When it is to be unpacked and used, it is not complicated as well.

For supplier that requires frequent delivery of industrial components to OEM manufacturers, reusable EPP and EPE packing case is a good choice. High density foam can be shaped to meet your packaging requirement and play the anti-static effect after processing.

The durability and good energy absorption performance of EPP in transportation process make it widely used in the manufacture of reusable industrial packaging such as parts turnover box.

EPP is also approved to be safe to food. Its thermal insulation and structural strength make it suitable for containers such as food containers and beverage freezers. It doesn’t breed microorganisms and is able to be sterilized by steam.